Member Categories

The Corridors Partnership's quest to the critical challenges facing corridor planning and development by uniting the efforts of the various corridor actors is solely dependent on the support and commitment of our members Membership to the Partnership is open to all corridor actors: government officials at the local, regional and national levels, Pan-African bodies, international institutions, multilateral organisations, think tanks and academia and partners' staff. It comes with no conditions attached other than a shared commitment to work together to promote/enable integrated corridor planning and development. To ensure maximum impact, membership is grouped into two categories. Members are placed/choose the category where they can be most effective/productive.

1. Core Partners
Corridor actors who can provide training, technical assistance and/or research insight in the following areas:
  • RC Programme management
  • Institutional framework
  • Communication and advocacy strategies
  • Investment promotion
  • Community engagement
  • Spatial planning
  • Feasibility modeling
  • Financing
  • Procurement
2. Implementing Partners
Corridor actors who can deliver training, technical assistance and research insight in the following areas:
  • Political economy analysis
  • Strategy and implementation
  • Infrastructure/transport
  • Communities and social development
  • Governance and law
  • Local economic development
  • Environment/climate change and biodiversity conservation
  • Water and marine
  • IRCI methodology and tools