Commit. Converse. Collaborate.

The Partnership brings together corridor actors from a myriad backgrounds and fields committed to improving  corridor planning and development through dialogue and collaboration in a quest to ensure economic corridors are sustainable and that they do NOT harm ecosystems, environment and livelihoods.

Membership Categories

Membership to the Partnership is open to all corridor actors: government officials at the local, regional and national levels, Pan-African bodies, international institutions, multilateral organisations, think tanks and academia, partners’ staff, etc.

To ensure effective collaboration, the membership is divided into two key categories to enable members be in areas that they can best contribute/collaborate to the mission.

Membership Benefits

By joining The Corridors Partnership you  become part of a thriving and supportive community of corridor actors who are eager to share insight, research, experience and expertise on how best we can all contribute to the planning and development of sustainable Economic Corridors. Here are the key member benefits.


Participants at the 2016 IRICP Annual Workshop/Meeting held from 20-22 June in Dar es Salamm, Tanzania

Current Members

The Corridors Partnership was initiated by the Department of International Development (DFID) UK, WWF and the World Bank. Since then, other organisations have come on board and many more have expressed interest. Here is a quick list of current members.


Want to Join?

The Corridors Partnership’s efforts to the critical challenges facing corridor planning and development by uniting the efforts of the various corridor actors is solely dependent on the support and commitment of our members.

As aforementioned, membership to the Partnership is open to all corridor actors. It comes with no conditions attached other than a shared commitment to work together to promote/enable integrated corridor planning and development by improving access to practical information, tools and expertise.

Interested? Fill the online form on our Contacts Page.