The One Belt/One Road Initiative workshop Beijing


In the One Belt/One Road Initiative workshop held in Beijing, China on December 1, 2015, the Global Lead Extractives World Bank Group Washington, USA, Michael Stanley, led the participants in highlighting and discussing the following key challenged faced by the initiative:

  1. Coordination: How can practitioners improve coordination between different ministries, governments and even the citizens?
  2. Shared value: How can we integrate Private and Public Sector planning and interests for broad-based development Outcomes?
  3. Baseline data needs: How can we improve Baseline info (suitability and sensitivity) to, for example, support environmental / social impact assessment?
  4. Integrated landscape planning and management: how can we ensure integrated resources planning/better spatial planning, risk-based systems approach, and monitoring and reporting?

Work area: Bio diversity   Extractives

Region: Asia and Africa

Resources: The Integration Environmental and Social Safeguards into the One Belt/One Road Initiative and Africa’s Economic Corridor Workshop